Grand Theft Auto V for Xbox 360

Rockstar has been offering various types of cheat codes for Grand Theft since a long time ago. There are a few cheat codes that will modify the original nature of the game. The cheat codes can give you unusual vehicles that you don’t usually see on the road in the game. Besides, you can also use the cheat codes to increase the number of weapons, ammo and ability. The cheat codes will be handy when you are stuck in the game and need help in completing a mission.

There is a downside for using the cheat code in the Grand Theft Auto 5 game. If you use cheat code in the game, your achievements will not be recorded in the Achievements. This prevents you from being able to earn trophies in the game.

The cheat codes will be great for players who need help in completing difficult missions if they do not bother much about earning trophies. You can use the cheat codes to explore the virtual worlds up to a maximum before getting serious with the game and earn trophies.

The virtual cities in the GTA 5 are massive. Using cheat codes will give you an added advantage to advance to all stages in the game.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Cheats for Automobiles

We offer cheat codes that you can use to generate different types of vehicles in the game. You can use the cheat code to produce a helicopter to complete a mission. You can also use the cheat code to generate a golf cart when you want to play a golf game. The cheat codes can also be used to generate other types of vehicles.


Grand Theft Auto 5 Cheats for Unlocking the Characters and Weapons

We also offer cheat codes that can be used to influence the characters in GTA 5. The cheat codes can add small to large powers on the characters to help you defeat the enemies. There is a wide range of cheat codex that can increase the power of your weapons. With the cheats, you can get more ammunition to use for fighting your enemy.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Cheats for Weather

We offer cheat codes that you can use to change the weather and gravity quality. These cheat codes are not only useful for helping you to win a mission but they also can make your gameplay more interesting.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Cheats for Stock Exchange

Apart from offering cheats that help you to defeat your enemies, we also offer cheats that can help you to increase your money in the Grand Theft Auto 5 game. The money cheat codes allows you to have the money to buy properties and start a business. There are two stock exchange markets where you can invest the money you earn in the game. We have a guide that teach you how to make the correct predictions in the stock market and win a large payout. We also have a guide that provide tips on how to start a successful business in the game.

You are lucky to have arrive at our site if you are having difficulty in earning an income in GTA 5. Our cheats guide will provide comprehensive coverage on what you need to do in order to earn cash. Continue to read the article if you are interested to get more tips!


You Need to Get a Journey vehicle

Just like 1.10 GTA Online. you need to have a Journey vehicle that is purchased from Pegasus and a bicycle in the garage in order to make the cash glitch work. After you have set up all things properly, you will be able to use the cheat code to produce any type of vehicle for unlimited time without needing the help of a friend.

To obtain a Journey vehicle, you should give Pegasus a phone call. After you have obtained the Journey vehicle, you should park it opposite to the entrance of the garage. There should be a minimal space between the vehicle and the garage. Next, you are to enter into the garage. You should be able to see the windshield of the vehicle from the entrance of the garage.

The next thing you are to do is to exit the carport with the car. If the glitch is working, you should see a dark screen instead of the car moving. The car should be protected when you have driven it out of the car port. When you are out of the car port, you must get out of the car and get back to the carport on foot. If you have carried out the steps correctly, you should not see the auto tracker which is usually display on the screen.

After that, you must ride on one of the bicycles and exit the car port. Once you are outside of the car port, you must get off the bicycle and get into the car. You are to drive the car to Los Santos Customs and offer it there. At this point, you can give the worker a phone call to copy the car.